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About Schmiedmann used BMW parts

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Schmiedmann offers everything in BMW used parts.

The parts are supplied from the Schmiedmann Nordborg department, we are one of the largest BMW recycling centers in Scandinavia and also an authorized receiving center for BMW cars.


On the website, you are able to find a great selection of used tuning / styling parts, retrofit kits for instance multi-function button set for steering wheel / power window set and much more.
Body parts that have been disassembled are always 100% rust free, because cars from South Germany and Switzerland, drive on roads that have not been as heavily salted, as they are in Denmark.

On the shelves as well as in the cars are hundreds of motors / gearboxes and also rear axles with reasonable mileage. These parts are delivered including 6 months of guarantee.
Besides the above mentioned products, we are of cause also able to deliver all parts you can find mounted on a BMW as used, from the tiniest clips all the way to a complete body.


We have always between 200-300 decommissioned BMW cars standing in the recycling area, that have been hand-picked from Germany / England / Switzerland and Denmark.
Besides the 200-300 cars in the recycling area, there are also about 20.000 BMW parts on the shelves in our warehouse. This insures that we are always able to supply almost everything for your BMW with price-guarantee in Denmark.


All parts are tested and checked by trained personnel, this ensures you that the quality is always at its best. Electrical parts are tested using an original BMW tester, as soon as the cars arrive at the recycling center, this ensure that none of the electronic equipment supplied have errors.
Schmiedmann Nordborg is quality certified after the ISO 9001 standard.
All used parts supplied include 6 month guarantee!


Schmiedmann sends used parts daily to most of Europe, mainly Germany / Denmark and Norway.
Our large stock ensures you day to day delivery on all products in stock, this means that if you order a used part, you will receive it the next business day.


Are you not immediately able to find the part you are looking for on our website, then please call one of our sales personnel, in almost all cases they will be able to find the part you are looking for.

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